Friar Dunsten Boltshire

Peppy, Pious, Pugilist, Palidin


Height: 5’10"
Weight: 300lbs
Hair: Bald with a Red greying beard
Skin: Pale but ruddy
Eyes: Brown


A foundling raised by the Brothers of Our Pugnacious Lady Dunsten grew up in an aesthetic lifestyle taught to defend the weak encourage the meek and enjoy the bounty of life. And true to form Dunsten thrived, embracing the dual philosophies of physical conditioning and celebratory feasting, and setting fourth to protect those who need it.
As years wore on his habit of libations gave him a girth that belies his physical prowess or canny agility. But Dunstens heart has always been his most powerful muscle.

After Dunsten got involved with the Mistwood Mission and met face to face with the goddesses he has spent his life in service to Dunsten filled with purpose shedding the cocky showmanship of the past for a steel resolve and the tools to protect his allies as he must now serve as shield for the sake of all in the three kingdoms

Friar Dunsten Boltshire

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