Orc Gladiator on a quest for glory


Thodak was born into the Bloodscar Orc clan in the lands across the ocean to the West. The Bloodscar clan was in the midst of a bloody feud when a rival warlord came to power and forced them out. His family escaped to Duram where they immediately were shunned as outsiders and forced to endure the hardships of living as 2nd class citizens.

A local noble by the name of Alistair Godfrey found the family living in squalor in the slums, where non-humans were expected to live, and decided to improve his personal fortunes by employing the more battle-worthy of them as warriors in the gladiatorial arena. Thodak’s father and older brother took to the fighting well and survived many seasons in the arena. Although they were trained fighters they did not aspire to much other than staying alive long enough to see another sunrise. Years went by and Thodak’s father was felled in the arena during a grand melee battle while his brother, a year later, attempted to start an uprising and was publicly executed for it, causing Thodak to be forced into the arena to continue lining Godfrey’s pockets.

Thodak, now only 16 years old, took to the fighting with great gusto and quickly climbed the ranks, learning the best ways to entertain the crowds and intimidate his opponents . His great strength was talked about from taverns to the halls of nobility and his matches became more and more outlandish. The arena masters starting throwing larger and more dangerous monsters at Thodak in an attempt to force his death in the arena because killing him in his sleep or outside the arena wouldn’t have the same impact and him being publicly torn to shreds in front of a paying crowd.



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