Amelia Ravenmoore


Amelia is a citizen of Balden within the Glysian empire. Daughter of the local seamstress, she was caught up within events after cultists began abducting members of the town. Afterwards she began working with a group of adventurers as an informant, aiding them with useful information about the goings-on of the area and nation as a whole.

Initially encountered by the group of Adventurers in Balden when she attempted to steal from one of the the members of the group, Amelia was questioned by the group for her actions. It was through her that they learned of the disappearances of townfolk, including Amelia’s father. It was discovered that they were being experimented on and sacrificed by followers of Lorn’zeth, and raised as undead. The Adventurers shut down operations, raizing their underground complex and the cultists within. Unfortunately, Amelia’s father did not survive the ordeal.


Amelia Ravenmoore

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