Captain Malik Sivash


Captain of the skyship Intrepid. Initially a captain of a merchant vessel, he was caught out at sea and driven far off course before the ship finally wrecked.He found himself washed ashore on southern Glysean coast, and with no easy way back, decided to stay.

Malik is one of the few outsiders of notable rank within the Glysea military. His sound decision-making skills and unflinching determination earned him the respect of many, and his skill behind the helm played no small part either.

Whether in spite of, or due to, his nature as a foreigner within the Glysean empire he was selected as captain of one of the nations then top-secret experimental airships. After testing was completed on the first ship, he was given command of the second vehicle constructed, with orders to take the group of Adventurers with him, ostensibly for further testing.


Captain Malik Sivash

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